About Us

Well! it is a long story to get to this website. I always face problems in current affairs topics and the questions. so I thought to make it easy to remember. then I made this website for me and the people like me who face the same problem in the current topics. so that the problem can be solved and one can clear the current quiz very easily. It also helps in improving performance in competition exams and give good results

This website is dedicated to the students who are preparing for the competition exams. This website helps the users to cope up with the current news and affairs. To take the quiz just go to menu and click Start quiz. You will be directed to the guidelines page then click start quiz button and answer the questions. Finally you will be directed to results page.

I am also a student currently preparing for the competition exams and so I made this site to provide the exam level competition to the students preparing for the competition exams.


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