Air pollution in New Delhi and other parts of North India had dominated the headlines over the past few weeks. The problem is especially urgent because the capital of India is not the only polluted city in the country. But, some of the top polluted cities in the earth belong to India. With urban expansion and population expanding in the next 20 years, we need to make our cities liveable. Besides, ensuring clean air for every citizen of the country will require a long-term plan and sustained effort. The first step is to realize that air pollution affects residents across the country, and across seasons. Causes of Air Pollution Ecological causes:Geographical location of North Central India does not provide it the benefit where regular flow of land breeze and sea breeze takes pollution to deep sea and saves the cities and town. But, polluted air and particular matter stays over the Delhi and North Central India. Major portion of North Central India lies in Indo-Gangetic plains which are characterized by loose top soil easily getting into the air and making matter worse.

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